1. Candidates having grievances about any matters related to the decisions of the university like admission, examination, Results etc. can submit their grievances online (from University Web site home page by clicking Grievance button) or at the Help line window /Single window counter at examinations/Reception counter at the University Administrative Office.
  2. Grievances can be submitted by providing following information at the counter/ by filling online grievance form or by telephonically contacting the help line.
    1. Name
    2. E-mail address
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Course Type (UG /UG(Semester)/PG /PG (Semester)/Other courses
    5. Course(B.A/B.Sc./B.C.A etc.)
    6. College
    7. Year of examination
    8. Roll number
    9. Category of Grievances ( Examination Results, Marksheets, RL etc.)
    10. Subject of the grievance
    11. Grievances
  3. After entering above information, a grievance registration will appear on the screen with Grievance Number, Date and other student information filled on it.
  4. Helpline/Grievance windows will provide a print out of the above to the student and an SMS will be send to the candidate giving Grievance number & Date.
  5. A student can contact the Grievance Cell/Help line to find out status of their grievances after a specified date. Candidates can view the status of their grievances on-line from University web site /telephonically from Help line or from University Help line counter/Single window counter of the University.
  6. If a grievance is not solved one week after registering their grievances, candidates can contact/meet the student counsellor at the Help line of the University who will find out the reason and obtain additional information required to solve the grievances.
  7. In case the counsellor is unable to solve the problem/grievances candidates should contact COE/Registrar of the University.
  8. The Vice-Chancellor Secretariat/Vice chancellor shall not entertain any grievances or meet students who have grievances unless they follow above procedures.

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